Superpowers are what separate your character from normal humans. Even if you your character does not have Superpowers per se, they will at least have Super Skills or Super Attributes. Some of your favorite comic book heroes who seemed to have no Superpowers certainly had abilities far beyond normal people.

A character may have 1 Primary, 1 Secondary and as many Other Superpowers as they wish to purchase with XP. Once a Primary or Secondary is declared, the designation may not change. The only affect of such a declaration is the cost to raise Rank in a Superpower.

Regardless of your Origin or Category, your character can choose any Superpower they wish, so long as they have the XP to do so. For XP costs, there at 3 Tiers. Tier 1 powers cost +0 XP per level to raise, Tier 2 cost +4 and Tier 3 cost +8.

The cost to raise Rank in a Superpower:
Primary Superpower: 3 x Next Rank + Tier Cost (see Super Powers)
Secondary Superpower: 4 x Next Rank + Tier Cost
Other Superpowers: 5 x Next Rank + Tier Cost

For example, to raise a Primary Tier 3 Superpower from Rank 2 to Rank 3, the cost would be: (3 × 3) + 8 = 17 XP. (3 for Primary x Next Rank) + Tier Cost.

To raise a Tier 3 Other Superpower from 6 to 7 would cost: (5 × 7) + 8 = 43 XP.

Effects of Raising a Superpower

Certainly the purpose of spending XP to raise your Superpower is to achieve a more potent form of that power. Every Superpower may be raised to theoretically infinite levels although Superpowers beyond 10 can be cosmic in relative power. GM approval is needed for Superpowers beyond 10. Certainly a Tier 3 Superpower can be much more impressive at high levels than a Tier 1 Superpower, thus the different in XP cost.

When a Superpower is raised, the effects are different for each one. Some Superpowers increase at a linear rate such as Super Attributes.

For other Superpowers, you will be presented with a variety of options which you may choose when increasing level. When you purchase a higher Rank in that Superpower, you must make this choice and record it on your Character Sheet. This choice can never be changed.


Rolling to Activate or use a Superpower requires:

==>Superpower Rank + Averaged Attributes (as described in the Superpower)

In this manner, every Superpower becomes more potent every Rank regardless of other abilities gained.

Thus, Superpowers which may be used for combat use the above roll for damage. If a Combat Style is developed for use of a Superpower it may also be used (see Combat).


Maybe you want to add some character to your, um, character? Maybe you think that raising your Superpowers is too expensive? Either way, you can consider adding a weakness to your character. Depending on the severity of your weakness, you will receive a credit each Rank that reduces the cost of increasing that Superpower.

You may think of any weakness but it is up to your GM to approve it. Below are some example credits. Your weakness and the value of the corresponding credit should follow the same heuristics. With a 1 Point Credit, that Tier 3 Superpower only costs +7 each level for example.

If you take a general weakness rather than a weakness specific to one power, the Credit applies when purchasing all Superpowers.

In any event you may not have total Credits > 3.

1 Point Credit: Your power doesn’t work when fully underwater or maybe you take extra damage from acid.
2 Point Credit: Your powers do not work against the color blue or perhaps you take damage from a rare element.
3 Point Credit: You powers do not work at all during a full moon.

Superpowers by Category

For each of the below Superpowers, you will be given a description, a Tier and the relevant Ruling Attributes. Ruling Attributes are the two Attributes which are averaged and rolled when a Superpower roll must be made.

Super Attributes

Travel Powers

Note: Additional travel powers exist beyond the below list as a part of their related Superpower.

Tier: 2
Ruling Attributes: Agility and Intelligence
Description: You can fly. How you fly depends upon your Origin, Category and choice of other powers. Be specific on your Character Sheet. If you require wings to fly, you may subtract 2 XP per Rank from the cost of the power. As your power increases, so does your Tempo and your maneuverability.
The maximum height you can fly is limited only by time and your ability to withstand the conditions (i.e. thinning air, vacuum of space, temperature, etc.)
While flying, your Rank in Flight adds to your Passive Defense.
Your Tempo while flying at Rank 1 is 20.
Your starting maneuverability is 5. You may react to objects as if traveling your normal walking Tempo.
Activation Time: Instant, on your action.
Higher Ranks: Each increase in Rank doubles your flight Tempo. So, your Tempo at Rank 3 would be 80. (20 × 2 × 2). Each increase in Rank adds 5 to your maneuverability.

Super Speed
Tier: 3
Ruling Attributes: Agility and Cunning
Description: You are fast. Really fast. You run much faster than a normal human, perhaps even faster than a speeding bullet. Correspondingly, you must have senses trained to avoid obstacles at that speed. You may even develop super speed abilities that go beyond just running fast, like vibrating your body so fast that you can walk through a wall. See Higher Ranks for details.
Your Rank in Super Speed adds to your Passive Defense whether or not you are moving.
Your Rank in Super Speed adds to your Tempo. At Rank 1, double your character’s Tempo. Double your Tempo again each time you increase in Rank. Increases are exponential.
Activation Time: Instant, including when it is not your turn.
Higher Ranks: At each even-numbered (2,4,6, etc.) Rank, you may choose one of the following special abilities. You may take most of them multiple times if desired.
==Heightened senses: you may interact and mentally process objects as if they were moving a speed that subtracts your Tempo. So, if a car is moving at Tempo 20 and your Current Tempo is 18, you may interact with the car as if it is moving at Tempo 2. Negative Tempos do not exist so the limit is Tempo 0. ==Extra Action: Your character moves so quickly their Attacks are like a blur.
==Super Vibration: You may pass through solid objects by using your full turn to speed up the cells within your body. This requires a minimum of 4 Ranks. ==Enhanced Attack: add +1d6 to your Attack rolls.
== Speed Reading: you may read a number of pages per second equal to your Tempo. == Enhanced Defense: You may add 1d6 to your Active Defense beyond other bonuses given.

Tier: 2
Ruling Attributes: Fortitude and Intelligence
Description: Your character can disappear from one place and immediately reappear in another. You must either have line of sight, a good memory of where you are going or you can simply guess. The latter two options are highly dangerous. If you have miscalculated or things have changed, you could appear inside a solid object or in front of a moving bus. However, if you are bound, grappled, or otherwise in trouble, you may easily escape.
At Rank 1, you may teleport 20 Spaces.
Activation Time:
Higher Ranks: At each increase in Rank, your teleportation Rank doubles. At some point this will be such a long range that you cannot see where you are going but you can take the chance to acquire other powers that aid you.

Physical Powers

Animal Mimicry
Tier: 1, 2 or 3
Ruling Attributes: Fortitude and Courage
Description: This is not to be confused with Shapeshifting. Mimicry allows the character to take specific physical characteristics from any animal which she has witnessed in person. This is not done on the fly as specific abilities are chosen at each Rank.
Abilities taken from animals are exactly as powerful as they are for that animal. For instance, you could choose strength of the bear, speed of the cheetah, vision of the hawk and so forth. This does not change a physical change in the character so for instance the character would not grow wings when flying like a hawk or gills when breathing underwater like a swordfish. These must be animals, not plants. There is no “lifespan of the redwood” for example.
Quantifying these abilities are up to GM approval. For instance, what constitutes bear strength?
Relativity: initially, abilities are not changed to the character’s scale. Choosing strength of the beetle would not give the character relative beetle strength, it would give them actual beetle strength, therefore a very unwise decision. This however changes at Rank 5 so that if Adam picks the strength of the spider, this becomes relative, once again subject to GM approval.
Activation Time: 1 Round to Activate 1 ability (Tier 1), 1 Round to Activate any or all abilities (Tier 2), Always On (Tier 3)
Higher Ranks: With each Rank, a character must declare which new animal ability they will select. This can be any ability from any animal currently in existence on Earth. This ability must be specific and focused, not encompassing more than one thing.

Tier: 2
Ruling Attributes: Fortitude and Intelligence
Description: You are able to create other copies of yourself. Initially these copies are just like fake productions but they can be become more real (and powerful) over time. Even the most crude use of this power can help a hero save a friend and escape a bad situation.
At Rank 1, the character may create a single copy. This copy will move just as the character does but if anyone interacts with this copy, it shatters into dust immediately.
Successful manipulation of duplicates requires an Activation Roll for every duplicate.
Activation Time: 1 Round
Higher Ranks:
==Rank 2, the duplicate becomes a human version of the character although without separate sentience. It must always be controlled via line of sight. == Rank 3, the duplicate may be controlled remotely as the character can see through his duplicate’s eyes. Successful control requires and activation roll.
====Rank 4 and beyond: The character may choose to add one of his other superpowers to the duplicate or may choose 1 additional duplicate per Rank. This choice must be made upon gaining a new Rank and is permanent.

Tier: 2
Ruling Attributes: Intelligence and Domination
Description: You may become invisible. At later levels this improves as noted below. Some superpowers may allow you to be detected as well as some types of technology.
At Rank 1 you may become invisible but may not simply disappear from sight. Any clothing you are wearing or objects you are carrying remain visible.
If you attack or otherwise attract must notice, you will cease to be invisible.
Activation Time: 1 Round
Higher Ranks: For each Rank above one, you may select one of the following Special Abilities. This choice must be made when the Rank is obtained and may not be changed.
==You may turn your clothes invisible. == You may turn hand-held objects invisible.
==You may disappear from sight rather than becoming invisible outside of the view of others. ==You may also become undetectable on the infrared spectrum.
==You may create a 1’ invisibility radius around yourself. This may be taken multiple times, each time increasing the radius by 1’. You may choose a lesser radius at any time. ==You may decrease your activation time to Instant.
Tier: 1
Ruling Attributes: Strength and Fortitude (Physical); Strength and Fortitude (Mental) or Domination and Fortitude (Social) Choose 1 Type of Invulnerability Other types may be purchased separately.
Description: It is very difficult to damage you. You shrug off damage like no other.
At Rank 1 you gain 1 Damage Resistance to your chosen type of Invulnerability (Physical, Mental or Social).
Activation Time: Always On
Higher Ranks: For each Rank above 1, you gain an additional 1 Damage Resistance.

Tier: 1
Ruling Attributes: Courage and Fortitude
Description: You live much longer than the average person and increasingly so as you gain Ranks.
At Rank 1 you double your normal lifespan.
Activation Time: 1 Round
Higher Ranks: For each Rank above 1, you once again double lifespan. This has an exponential effect that can make you almost immortal.

Tier: 2
Ruling Attributes: Domination and Courage
Description: You can pass through solid objects. While insubstantial you may not be affected by physical force but may be affected by energy or mental and social abilities. Your clothing and carried objects to do NOT phase with you.
At Rank 1, you may remain Phased for 1 Round.
Activation Time: 1 Round
Higher Ranks: For each Rank above 1, you may remain insubstantial an additional Round. Additionally, you may choose a Special Ability every 2 rounds:
==Limited Flight: you may fly at walking speed. This ability may be taken multiple times, each time increasing your speed by 10 tempos. ==Partial Reformation: you may choose to reform only one body part while otherwise staying phased.
====Objects: your clothing and carried objects phase with you.

Tier: 3
Ruling Attributes: Intelligence and Courage
Description: You heal at an incredible rate, eventually even regrowing body parts.
At Rank 1, you heal 1 point of damage every 2 rounds.
Activation Time: Always On
Higher Ranks: At each progressive rank, you heal an additional point every 2 rounds. Additionally, you can one Special Ability every 2 Ranks:
==Regrow: you may regrow lost limbs or other body parts (except head) at the rate of 1 per day. This may be taken multiple times, each time reducing the Regrow time by 50%. ==Immortality: Requires 4 Ranks. Your cells regeneration so effectively that you never age.
==Resurrection: Requires 5 Ranks: your body heals even after death if your head is still attached. This happens over the course of 1 week. You may take this power multiple times, each time reducing resurrection time by 50%. ==Recompilation: Requires Rank 7 and Resurrection. You are effectively unkillable unless your body is completely destroyed. Your body will reform from even the smallest remaining fragment. Depending on the state of your destruction, this may take 1 week to 1 month per GM discretion.

Super Vision
Tier: 2
Ruling Attributes: Intelligence and Courage
Description: Your eyes have one or more special abilities as described below.
At Rank 1 you have heightened vision. You may see anything as far as the curvature of the Earth allows.
Activation Time: 1 Round
Higher Ranks: For every 2 Ranks above 1, you may choose one special ability:
==Night vision—you may see in total darkness. ==X-ray vision—you may see through solid matter.
==Heat vision—you may project heat in a tight beam from your eyes. ==Cold vision—you may project cold in a tight beam from your eyes.

Energy and Elemental Powers

Energy and Elemental Blasts
Tier: 2
Ruling Attributes: Agility and Fortitude
Description: You shoot blasts of energy from your being, whether electricity, concussion beams, laser, fire, ice, radiation or the like.
At Rank 1 you must first choose the type of energy or elemental power desired and name your Superpower accordingly (i.e. Lightning Blasts).
Further, you must choose the origin on your body from those blasts or if they appear from somewhere else (i.e. a cloud). You could shoot from your fingertips, your eyes or elsewhere.
When you wish to hurl your energy blasts, treat it as described in the Superpowers rules for rolling.
Activation Time: 1 Round
Higher Ranks: For each Rank above 1, your damages increase accordingly. Further, you may choose one Special Ability every 2 Ranks above 1:
==Reduce Activation time to Instant ==Split Blasts (and dice pool) into two targets. This ability may be taken several times, allowing more splits.
==Add an additional 1d6 to your roll. This may be taken multiple times. ==Blast radius—you may create a 1’ blast all around your body. This may be taken multiple times, each time increasing the radius by 1’. A lesser radius may be chosen per application at will.
Tier: 1 (energy protection only) or 2 (energy and physical protection)
Ruling Attributes: Intelligence and Courage
Description: You can project an energy field around yourself that protects you from harm, at least to some extent. You may select the appearance of this field, with GM approval.
At Rank 1, you gain 1 point of Damage Resistance
Activation Time: 1 Round
Higher Ranks: For each Rank above 1, you gain 1 point of Damage Resistance. Additionally, you gain one of the below Special Abilities every 2 Ranks:
==Reduce Activation time to Instant ==Shocking Field: you may inflict damage whenever someone physically touches your Forcefield
==Elemental protection: your Forcefield protects you from cold, heat and airborne toxins. ==Diving: your force field allows you to breath underwater.
====Vacuum: your force field protects you from the vaccum of space.

Weather Manipulation
Tier: 2
Ruling Attributes: Intelligence and Domination
Description: You can control certain aspects of the weather, initially just in a localized area.
At Rank 1, you may increase or decrease humid within a 30’ area up to the point of causing a light rain or stopping light rain from happening.
Activation Time: 1 Round
Higher Ranks: For each Rank after 1, you may add one Special Ability:
==Create wind—create a 20 mph wind. May be taken multiple times for an additive effect up to tornado levels. ==Control Weather: you may effect weather in a 5 mile radius to become more or less intense by 1 category. You may turn a light rain heavy or no rain to light rain or tropical storm to hurricane. May be taken multiple times, each time increasing the radius.
==Control Lighting: you may anticipate and redirect lightning that is naturally occurring. If you take this power again, you may cause lighting to happen that is not naturally occurring within close-range conditions (i.e. during a storm). ==Control Tides: you may increase or decreases tides 10’ within a 5 mile radius. May be taken multiple times for additive effects.

Mental and Social Abilities

Mind Control
Tier: 3
Ruling Attributes: Intelligence and Domination
Description: You can compel people to do your bidding by manipulating their minds.
At Rank 1, you may attempt mind control. This is a normal Superpower activation versus the target’s Mental Defense plus any relevant defenses. If the target also has Mind Control they may elect to make their own Mind Control roll in defense.
Activation Time: 1 Round
Higher Ranks: At each higher Rank, mind control effectiveness increases. Additionally, every 3 Ranks, a Special Ability may be chosen:
==Memory Manipulation: you may choose to attempt to modify a target’s memories of up to 30 seconds of events. This may be taken multiple times, each time doubling the quantity of memories which may be affected in an individual. ==Possession: you may attempt to temporarily possess the target and move about their body. This requires a resistance roll every 30 minutes. The character’s body will lay vulnerable and subject to hunger and thirst as normal.
====Alternate Identity: a character may cause the target to assume a new real or fictional identity for the course of 1 day. This requires an extended roll which requires a net of 10 Marks in no more than 5 Rounds.
Mind Blast (mental) or Psychic Blast (Social)
Tier: 3
Ruling Attributes: Intelligence and Courage (Mental) or Domination and Courage (Social)
Description: You can unleash a violent attack against a target’s mind or their psyche. Choose one of these at Rank 1. You may take this power again if you wish to have both abilities but Ranks in each are separate and distinct. Use target’s Mental or Social defense as applicable.
At Rank 1, you may cause damage per a normal Superpower Attack.
Activation Time: 1 Round
Higher Ranks: Each additional Rank increases the effect per normal dice pool rules.


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