Skills are learned abilities. These are things that are learned in the classroom, through personal instruction or just life experience. Skills are different from Attributes in that they are not innate, they must be learned over time.

Attribute Averaging

Each Skill uses the average of 2 Attributes as noted on the Skill itself. It is not realistic to think that Piloting is only the result of Agility for example. It also requires a mental component, in this case Cunning.

When averaging your two attributes, always round down. Do the same with Super Attributes. For example, Jason is piloting an aircraft. He has an Agility of 3 and a Cunning of 6, the Attributes used for Piloting. Jason also happens to have Super Cunning of 2 but does not have Super Agility. The average of Agility and Cunning is 3+6/2 = 4.5, rounded to 4. The average of Super Cunning and Super Agility is 2+0/2 = 1. He therefore may add 4 d6s and 1 d10 to his dice pool for Piloting. Jason’s Piloting skill is 5, so he add 5d6s. After rolling 9d6s and 1 d10, he may keep his best 4d6s (equal to Attribute) and his 1d10 (equal to Super Attribute) and must drop the remaining 5d6s. Any roll-agains may be kept after this point even though this could cause him to exceed his original Attribute dice limit.

The Skill description lets you know which Attributes to average and roll with that skill when performing an action of some type. It is important to note that Combat is NOT handled via Skills. Combat is addressed in the Combat section under Styles.

Skill Dice Codes

Skills use d6s, just like Human Attributes. Super Skills use d10s, just like Super Attributes. For every Skill there is a corresponding Super Skill.

Much like Human Attributes, Skills range from 1-6 per the below reference. Just like Super Attributes, Super Skills have no upper limits but are seldom seen beyond 10.

Rating Chart:

1. Very Poor. Someone with severe mental challenges, or the strength of a child.
2. Below Average. It may not be immediately apparent but this person struggles in areas where a below average attribute is applied. A large percentage of the population will have 1 or more attributes at this level.
3. Average. Most people are mainly populated by ratings of 3. This is the most common designation for adults in all attributes.
4. Above Average. This is your management level, your high school athlete or your pretty good sales person.
5. Exceptional. You really stand out in whatever you do with this attribute. College athlete, executive or top performer in sales for instance.
6. Genius. There are many types of genius, mental, physical (Michael Jordan) or social.


Attributes: Cunning, X-Factor
Description: This is the learned ability of noticing all around you. Without this skill, you are relying on Attributes alone. You may have learned this in law enforcement, criminal underground or perhaps through your own devices.
When Rolled: To check if you are being followed, to notice if something is out of place, or if the GM wants you to think that is the case.
Can Be Used Untrained: Yes

Attributes: Intelligence, Cunning
Description: The ability to operate, program, hack and otherwise utilize computing technology for good or ill. Without this skill, computer technology is a mystery to you.
When Rolled: When trying to do anything that is not routine operation.
Can Be Used Untrained: No

Attributes: Cunning, Fortitude
Description: You may be a cop or you may actually be or have been a criminal. Maybe you’ve just been around bad elements and picked up some things. In any case, you know where bad stuff happens, how to find things illegally and you have the stomach to handle the pleasantries involved. You are streetwise and maybe you even known people who know people.
When Rolled: You want to buy a black market item, you want to find information underground, you want to know where to go and where not to go, etc.
Can Be Used Untrained: No

Attributes: Domination, Cunning
Description: What you are saying is not true but you intend to make your target believe it is true. Did you give them a $20 or was it really a $10? Is your name really George Washington?
When to Roll: You are trying to pull the wool over someone’s eyes.
Can Be Used Untrained: Yes

Attributes: Agility, Cunning
Description: Driving is the ability to operate land-based vehicles of your era, whether that is an automobile or buckboard. Without this skill, driving is a dangerous venture and driving under duress is impossible.
When Rolled: Car chases, stunts, dangerous conditions or other special situations.
Can Be Used Untrained: No

Attributes: Cunning, Domination
Description: Whether for better or for worse, you know how to gauge how others are feeling and use that to either help or hurt. This can be a powerful force of good or it can be dangerous when used in conjunction with Intimidation or Persuasion.
When Rolled: Anytime you want to try and read someone’s emotions and mental state.
Can Be Used Untrained: Yes

Attributes: Cunning, X-Factor
Description: This encompasses gambling games such as cards and roulette but also accounts for other competitive non-sport games and games of chance.
When Rolled: When competing against other NPCs, characters or computers.
Can Be Used Untrained: Yes

Attributes: Domination, Courage
Description: This is coercion by force of will and implied aggression. You must have the bearing to pull this off as well as the courage to risk getting pummeled for trying.
When Rolled: You want something, whether its answers or lunch money and you plan to use either veiled or open threats to get it.
Can Be Used Untrained: No

Attributes: Intelligence, Fortitude
Description: The mad tinkerer, the gadget creator, the high tech mogul, these people apply science for a practical purpose. Using these skills, applying intelligence and the tolerance for long nights, failures and pains (i.e. fortitude), a character with this skill can make great things happen. He can also repair the objects of his power.
When Rolled: Whenever creating or repairing inventions. This will always be a highly extended series of rolls over a long period for invention or a lesser period for repair.
Can Be Used Untrained: No

Attributes: Intelligence, X-Factor
Description: The ability to find clues, put the puzzles pieces together and figure out what happened. Also used for searching, casing and related activities.
When Rolled: Anytime you are conducting an active search or investigation and the GM feels the answer is not obvious.
Can Be Used Untrained: Yes

Attributes: Domination, X-Factor
Description: You know how to get results from those that serve you whether it is by making them love you or making them fear you. You inspire, you rally and you put yourself up front to take the risk and reap the reward or consequence.
When Rolled: You are trying to rally your forces, attract new followers or generally impress with your cache.
Can Be Used Untrained: Yes

Attributes: Domination, Courage
Description: The social wherewithal, guts and talent needed to stand up and give a speech, sing a song or play an instrument. Performance can be anything from a poetry reading to a rock concert to rallying thousands in a political event.
When Rolled: Anytime a performance happens and you need or want to impress.
Can Be Used Untrained: Yes

Attributes: Domination, Cunning
Description: This is the gentle alternative to Intimidation. You don’t make threats and you don’t make promises, you simply try and get someone to see your point of view, give you something or achieve some favorable result. This can be done with good will or evil intent.
When Rolled: To make an uncooperative person compliant.
Can Be Used Untrained: Yes

Attributes: Per GM Approval
Description: This covers any sort of standard job from doctor to lawyer to scientist to plumber. For law enforcement, military and the like, it covers all associated knowledge but does not have an impact on Combat or other activities. Any sort of generalized knowledge needed that is NOT covered by another skill listed. This skill can be taken multiple times and applied to different professions.
When Rolled: When knowledge is needed that is relevant to your profession.
Can Be Used Untrained: No

Attributes: Agility, Cunning
Description: Piloting is much like driving except that it applies to airborne vehicles, whether rotor or fixed wing. Could also apply to starships.
When Rolled: When performing aerial or space actions not in the normal course of operation, such as dog fighting, avoid obstacles or crash landing.
Can Be Used Untrained: No

Attributes: Domination, Strength or Intelligence
Description: You are the life of the party, you get all the girls (or boys) and you can make yourself known and heard. You may be a respected diplomat or a college party animal. Maybe you can do both. You know people respect social power and physical strength and you plan to unleash both. Maybe the situation calls for a more intelligent approach, there is more than one way to skin a cat.
When Rolled: When you need to make an impact in a social situation, big or small.
Can Be Used Untrained: Yes

Attributes: Strength, Agility
Description: This is a broad category that allows for team sports and individual sports. It also covers things like throwing, jumping and much more.
When Rolled: Jumping over a car, swinging on a rope and other dramatic scenes that require athleticism.
Can Be Used Untrained: No

Attributes: Agility and Cunning
Description: Moving silently, skulking, shadowing and otherwise sneaking around. You must know how to move quietly and have the ability to execute on that plan.
When Rolled: When trying not to be noticed by others.
Can Be Used Untrained: No

Strategy and Tactics
Attributes: Intelligence, Cunning
Description: Battle strategy, business strategy, chess strategy, it’s all here. This is the deep planning factor on large scale, planning specific maneuvers to achieve a desired goal. Tactics covers the more micro-level maneuvers. This is the stuff of great leaders.
When Rolled: When planning, either in advance or during a strategic or tactical situation.
Can Be Used Untrained: No

Attributes: Cunning, Courage
Description: Larceny, burglary, robbery, car jacking, lock-picking. These are all right up your alley and then some. You have skills that can only have been learned from bad people. It doesn’t mean you are also but it doesn’t help.
When Rolled: When committing various crimes or figuring out who did.
Can Be Used Untrained: No


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