Experience Point Costs

Attribute: 4 x Next Rank (i.e. 4 × 5 = 20 to go from 4 to 5)
Super Attribute: 6 x Next Rank
Skill: 2 x Next Rank
Super Skill: 3 x Next Rank
Combat Style: 4 x Next Rank
Primary Super Power: 3 x Next Rank + Tier Cost (see Superpowers)
Secondary Super Power: 4 x Next Rank + Tier Cost
Other Super Powers: 5 x Next Rank + Tier Cost

Superpower Primary Matrix—Pay Cost For Each Rank Before Advancing to Next
Primary matrix

Superpower Secondary Matrix—Pay Cost For Each Rank Before Advancing to Next
Secondary matrix

Superpower Other Matrix—Pay Cost For Each Rank Before Advancing to Next
Other matrix

Earning Experience

Your character improves through life experience, much like a regular person. At the end of each session your character gains 1 XP (experience point) per objective achieved as deemed by the GM.

While your GM is free to supplement the primary list, the main categories for earning XP are as follows. Each is worth 1 XP unless otherwise noted.

Automatic—point earned for attending a session.
Learning Point—your character learned something significant during the session.
Roleplaying—your reward to staying in character.
Showing Wisdom—your character showed restraint or prudence at a critical time.
Solving a problem—your character fought past a significant obstacle.
Experiencing Danger—your character was in legitmate peril at some point.
Setting up Long Term Plan—you advanced a long-term goal for your character in some way.
Hero—your character put himself in a position to sacrifice himself for others, whether or not they were seriously harmed.
Coolness—something right out of a movie, your character had a shining moment.
Quirk—your character’s Quirk caused some actual difficulty for him/her.
Completing Story Arc (3-5 points)—determined by your GM but generally a major chapter in a story.

Experience points may be spent at any time except during combat but with GM approval.


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