Character Creation

Character Creation

Your character sheet is a reference of your character boiled down to their component parts. What are their strengths and weaknesses? This is a Supers game after all, so what are their powers? Do they have no powers but are incredibly skilled and talented?

What is your character’s personality? Keep in mind that most of the time you will be engage in dialogue and what will shine through is how you play your character. They should have distinctive personality issues. What are their political and religious beliefs? Their nationality? These are all questions you should be able to answer and many of them will be captured on your Character Sheet.

During your character creation phase, you will be given a number of Ranks to spend on each category. After assigning these Ranks, your GM will give you a certain amount of XP (at their discretion) to supplement those initial choices. There are no restrictions as to how you allocate your points so each Player should start out with a very unique character.

Note: You are given no Ranks to Spend on Superpowers, Super Skills or Super Attributes. This allows you to spend your XP assigned at character creation by your GM on super abilities. If you prefer, you may decline to ever buy super abilities and choose to have a purely human but extremely talent hero.

You only have a limited pool of Experience Points from which to build your character, depending on the power level your GM elects for their campaign. You should have an idea of the ratio of points you will spend at each stage based on the final image you have.

Note that Experience Points have the same value at character creation as those earned through game-play.



What is the basis of your character’s powers? Are they something acquired or something she was born with?

Object-Based: If you select an object or artifact as the origin you should describe the object or objects in the notes section of your character sheet. Is it a powerful suit, a ring, a wand, bracelet or something else? Cost Factor: because objects can be taken from you, each level of super power associated with the Object costs 2 points less per level than normal. If the Object can only be used by you, the cost is 1 point less per level normal.

Mutation: You are a mutant, whether by birth or through some sort of event, whether accidental or intentional. Note a detailed description in the notes section of your character sheet. Cost Factor: powers are normal cost for mutants unless your mutation causes obvious physical differences that cause you to be singled out by the general public. If you have a physical trademark look caused by your mutation, your powers cost 1 less point per level than normal but you suffer social stigma in certain situations.

Non-Human: You are an alien, a supernatural being or some other sort of creature that is distinctly not human. Describe your origin and physicality on your character sheet. Cost Factor: powers are normal cost for non-humans unless your origin causes obvious physical differences that cause you to be singled out by the general public. If you have a physical trademark look caused by your origin, your powers cost 1 less point per level than normal but you suffer social stigma in certain situations.

Power Category

While your powers may be vast and varied, they generally come from one of the four below categories. These categories can achieve overlapping affects and often do but the power behind them varies.

Magic: You are a magical being, such as a wizard, vampire, witch or other such creature.

Mentalist: Your powers come from an enhanced mental state. Your brain powers whatever abilities you possess.

Life Force: Your powers come from an inner strength, whether spiritual, Chi or otherwise.

Force: Your powers are derived from a force of energy or element, whether fire, ice, cosmic or other.

Select Physical Description

This is height, weight, nationality, eye color and other things that make up your character’s appearance. Keep in mind that height is a factor in your Health score however there a big disadvantages to running around with a 7’ superhero.

Select Attributes — 16 Ranks

Your Attributes are the natural abilities character possesses. Every Attribute starts at 1 by default so there is no need to buy Rank 1.

There are no restrictions as to how you spend these Ranks and every Rank costs the same, whether 1 or 6 (unlike when using XP). Keep in mind that if you raise an Attribute to 6 at this phase, you are limiting yourself elsewhere.

Select Skills — 20 Ranks

Your Skills are learned abilities perfected through practice and life experience. Every Skill starts at 0 so you must buy every rank.

Select Backgrounds — 15 Ranks

Backgrounds are an important part of your character’s identity. How much money do they have, how many languages do they speak, do they have a mentor? All of this and much more is within your control.

Spend Experience Points Assigned by GM

At this point your character is a fairly talented human with many abilities. They however have no Combat Style and no super abilities.

Your GM will now assign you one of the below starting experience point (XP) packages, or creating his own number. After you know how many XP you have, you may spend them on Superpowers, Super Skills, Super Attributes or on standard Attributes, Skills or Backgrounds.

==> Starting Hero: 25 XP
==> Experienced Hero: 50 XP
==> Seasoned Hero: 75 XP
==> Powerful Hero: 100 XP
==> Super Hero: > 100 XP

From the chart below, keep track of what you spend and plan for your character’s future. Every hero that succeeds improves over time.

Attribute: 4 x Next Rank (i.e. 4 × 5 = 20 to go from 4 to 5)
Super Attribute: 6 x Next Rank
Skill: 2 x Next Rank
Super Skill: 4 x Next Rank
Combat Style: 3 x Next Rank
Primary Super Power: 3 x Next Rank + Tier Cost (see Superpowers)
Secondary Super Power: 4 x Next Rank + Tier Cost
Other Super Powers: 5 x Next Rank + Tier Cost

Fill In Modifiers and Bonuses

Now that your character is whole you may calculate bonuses and modifiers and place them on your Character Sheet.

Below is a summary of how to calculate the remaining fields on your Character Sheet:

==>Physical Defense = (Cunning + Agility/2)
==>Mental Defense = (Intelligence + Fortitude/2)
==>Social Defense = (Domination + Fortitude/2)
==> Health = Fortitude + Height (in feet). Height should be 5 or 6 unless you have obtained GM approval or unless you have a Superpower that changes your height.
==> Tempo = Agility + Strength (note that this is the only situation where Attributes are NOT averaged)

Final Steps

Flesh out your character’s equipment, background story and other things she will need to be a vibrant force in your game.

Your access to equipment and weapons is somewhat dictated by the Background choices that you make so please seek GM approval for anything unusual.

Character Creation

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