Attributes correspond to a character’s natural abilities. This is innate, not learned abilities. Is your character very physically tough or a super genius? Are you a shy wallflower to is your personality akin to a force of nature?

When your character is trying to accomplish a task, whether physical, mental or social, the character’s attribute score is added to their relevant skill (see Skills). The attribute score limits the maximum number of dice which can be kept.

Human Attributes

Human attributes represent the range from which normal humans can vary in their physical, mental and social abilities. Each attribute is given a rating which ranges from 1 to 6. Lower attributes represent less natural ability while higher attributes represent more. Someone with low Intelligence may be very good at chess by raising their Strategy skill to a very high but they will ever be as good as someone with a high Strategy skill combined with a high Intelligence. This of course doesn’t mean that can’t get the occasional win or draw with some good rolling.

When rolling Human Attributes, use d6s.

Note that it is not possible to have a rating of 0, regardless of how weak, ugly or unintelligent they may be or become.

As noted in Character Creation, all Attributes start at 1. Super Attributes do not exist unless purchased.

Rating Chart:

1. Very Poor. Someone with severe mental challenges, or the strength of a child.
2. Below Average. It may not be immediately apparent but this person struggles in areas where a below average attribute is applied. A large percentage of the population will have 1 or more attributes at this level.
3. Average. Most people are mainly populated by ratings of 3. This is the most common designation for adults in all attributes.
4. Above Average. This is your management level, your high school athlete or your pretty good sales person.
5. Exceptional. You really stand out in whatever you do with this attribute. College athlete, executive or top performer in sales for instance.
6. Genius. There are many types of genius, mental, physical (Michael Jordan) or social.

Attribute List

Active Attributes

Active attributes are those with which you can take positive action. They represent physical prowess, problem solving and the ability to manipulation social situations.

Agility: Quickness, manual dexterity, coordination. Primary attribute for defense and certain types of combat. Your character might be an elegant dancer, a tumbler or plain clumsy.

Domination: Force of personality, ability to manipulate and persuade. Primary attribute for social cooperation or aggression. When your character goes to a social occasion, they may hold court as the center of attention or they may be a wallflower.

Intelligence: IQ, problem solving, deep thinking. Primary attribute for sustained understanding and analysis. Does your character solve complex equations without paper or do they need help changing the size of a recipe?

Strength: Raw brute power. Primary attribute for lifting, moving and certain types of combat. Can your character unload full kegs alone or do they require assistance to take the lid off a jar?


Passive attributes are reactionary. They are those that help you resist other people’s active attributes and help you adjust on the fly. Passive attributes are those that help you react to a loud sound, think of a plan to escape a sinking car or steel your resolve to face a un-winnable situation.

Cunning: Quick thinkers, plotters, the tough-minded. Primary attribute in thinking quickly and resisting mental assaults. Are you able to offer a quick retort anytime or do you sit on the bus the next day wishing you would have said this or that?

Courage: When the going gets tough, people with a lot of Courage get going. Primary attribute resisting fear and overcoming social assaults or persuasion. Does your character overcome their fear of heights to chase someone across a crane or do they wait for him to come back down when and if that happens?

Fortitude: Toughness, endurance, high pain threshold, it’s all here. Primary attribute in resisting physical damage. Can you run a marathon or do you get winded running into the convenience store for another soda?

X-Factor: some people just have that certain something that sets them apart. Michael Jordan, Joe Montana, George Patton all had it. This is a special attribute used in certain game situations or when called for by the GM. More importantly, you can overcome impossible odds a number of times per day equal to this rating. Spend one point and you ignore all damage for the round, you automatically succeed on an otherwise impossible roll or you remain conscious despite heavy damage. While X-Factor is very powerful, this is tempered by the fact that it is the ONLY Attribute never used in conjunction with Superpowers.

Super Attributes

Super Attributes transcend anything a normal human could attain. There is no required baseline human Attribute in order to have a Super Attribute. So, it is possible for someone to have a Strength of 2 and a Super Strength of 2.

For every Human Attribute listed above, there is a corresponding Super Attribute.

Super Attributes are more than just regular Attributes with d10s. Because Super Attributes are always left whole instead of averaged like normal Attributes, they are exponentially more powerful.


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